The success of the Ara Irititja project in Aboriginal communities in Central Australia has inspired other groups across Australia to use the software Ara Irititja uses called Keeping Culture KMS (see link above). The project has become a model for archiving best practices.The software and the systems which we developed to digitise and archive multimedia material is now used nationally and we provide training and backup support for communities or other individuals or organisations wanting to develop cultural archive projects.

Our own archive is now a repository to over 160,000 records. It has been running since 1994 (see Ara Iritija Project link above), and is populated largely with material from private collections. Much of this material was collected by teachers, missionaries, nurses etc and most of it had to be digitised by us. This has given us expertise in dealing with media of many different formats and processing it for ease of use with the software. Up until now we have been training people in one-on-one situations, either in our own office, onsite at the organisations offices or remotely, using Skype or Webex.



John Dallwitz with archival film reel, working on the project feasibility study 1994.

We provide training, support and consultation services in the following areas. Please contact us on details below if you feel a need for any of these services.


- assessing archive collections and developing strategies for their preservation, digitisation and repatriation

- developing strategies for the management of sensitive cultural material and media in institutions and communities

- providing information about the software to help you ascertain the viability and appropriateness of the software for your organisation and community

- training people in the use of the software interface, software customisation and administrative functionalily

- helping people analyse cultural protocols and cultural issues which may affect the use and success of this software in their environment or communities

- teaching practical things like file preparation, scanning, file management and backing up.

- providing personal support and inspiration when starting out with your archive.




Dora Dallwitz training at NPY Women's Council, Alice Springs 2003



Contact John Dallwitz - P: 08 82264873 - Mob: 0408967647

Dora Dallwitz - P: 08 82936243 - Mob: 0408964036